Frequently Asked Questions

I thought Saxo Bank was an investment bank, so why does it have mathematicians, physicists and other scientists doing research?

We get this question a lot, even from employees from other banks – for instance, when we publish a paper in a scientific journal or make a presentation at an academic conference. However, if you think about it, it should make sense. Saxo Bank has been involved in the innovation and development of modern finance for many years and this requires research.

What do the Greek words in window on the main page mean?

The words are pronounced gnothi s’auton and they mean “know thyself” in English. This familiar maxim is famously quoted as having been inscribed in the forecourt of the Temple of Apollo at Delphi, home to history’s most famous oracle. This has been the subject of a great many important books of philosophy concerning knowledge.

Is the Advanced Research and Innovation Center really a center – a physical place?

It would be better to say we are at “the center” of important research and innovation at Saxo Bank. The center is composed of several closely connected departments that have worked together for many years. We share a common research philosophy and vision and we are organized as collaborative unit. We are also located together within the same physical space at Saxo Bank’s headquarters.

Can I visit the Advanced Research and Innovation Center?

Yes. Just contact us at our contact email address. If you are a client of the bank, then we can talk about when the best time for a visit would be so that we could get you involved in a few interesting things. Right now a visit can only take place as part of an organized event. Check the Activities page to find out more.

I am a researcher. How can I collaborate with Saxo Bank?

We are always interested in hearing about opportunities for collaborating in projects that fit well with our research interests. Whether it is starting at the beginning of a grant proposal or partnering with a project that is already mature, we would be glad to hear about your research. However, considering Saxo Bank solely as a potential test bed for research projects is not the approach we typcially take and we usually select collaborations where we participate in all important aspects of the research and development process. You may write to us at our email address or send us feedback directly here.

I am not a researcher, but I have a lot of ideas and interests. How can I contribute these?

Getting input and the insights of the broader public is immensely important to doing research that is relevant and of greater benefit to our business sector. We welcome your thoughts and suggestions and you may write to us at our email address or send us feedback directly here.

Can I use the papers and presentations Saxo Bank makes available on this website?

Yes. The documents which are downloadable on this site are pre-print sand may be used with a proper citation to the work and authors.

Why do I have to be a client of Saxo Bank to participate in some activities?

Some activities are based upon aspects of trading and financial activity that make them only relevant for participants who are clients of the bank.

Does Saxo Bank use information from activities by visitors and participants.?

Confidentiality …

I am getting a message “This page is only displayed for registered users”. What should I do? site is primary designed for users who want to learn more about own reactions and participate in the most recent research in this area. Thus we require you to signing up if you wish to participate. If you have already signed up but you do not see the content you need to sign in.