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xDelia project starts Year 3!

| March 1st, 2011 | No Comments »

Officially, the xDelia project has just finished its second of three years under the European Commission’s grant. As a practical matter, things don’t change in terms of our research just because of the flip of a calendar page – clearly, our project’s organization tracks the natural and appropriate timelines of investigation rather than artificial ones – but there are a few considerations to be made, nonetheless. Primarily, we must now prepare for the 24-month review with the Commission’s experts. This preparation is no small matter, it requires the crafting of sundry documents and the planning of presentations that condense the efforts of an entire year across 7 institutions. In a nutshell, our first two years focused on important deliverables from the project concerning the foundations and methodology for a coherent approach, important applied research in lab and field studies underpinning some neurophysiological aspects of financial decision making, and investigating and

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Symposium with Baba Shiv

| October 27th, 2010 | No Comments »

Yesterday, I had the great pleasure and honor of giving a talk at a symposium that we held in collaboration together with Baba Shiv from Stanford University. Baba spoke eloquently on the fascinating topic the brain’s wanting and liking systems, which he posited projects in part from the striatum. My talk focused primarily on the background, methodology and early results in some of our studies concerning heart rate variability, emotion regulation, and trading behaviors in professional traders. I also focused on some interesting results from mathematical analysis and simulations concerning the disposition effect and presented some empirical results from data from the trading of professional and private individuals.

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